4 Ways to Use Decomposed Granite in Landscapes

Decomposed granite (DG), a natural byproduct of the weathering of granite rocks, is an excellent aggregate material for landscapes. DG is natural, permeable, aesthetically versatile and relatively inexpensive, making it an ideal landscaping material. There are three types of decomposed granite with different uses. For landscaping, natural DG and stabilized DG are the best options…. Read more »

Decomposed Granite: 3 Types and Their Best Uses

Decomposed Granite or DG is a natural byproduct of the weathering and erosion of solid granite rocks. DG is a combination of small granite pieces (⅜ inch or smaller) and fine granite, which can resemble sand. It is like gravel, but finer and more stable. DG is an aggregate available in a variety of colors… Read more »

How to Install Artificial Turf Base

Artificial turf base is one important factor you must consider to succeed with your artificial turf installation. Why is it important to choose the right aggregate for your turf base? Soil expands when it gets wet and contracts when it dries. Without a turf base, this expansion and contraction can result in wrinkles and a… Read more »

Advantages of Buying DG Directly From the Source

There are two options when it comes to purchasing– retail and direct. Buying through a retail outlet or directly from the source each offer their own advantages which depend largely on the product being sold. When it comes to decomposed granite (DG), buying directly from the source provides many advantages. Most decomposed granite available in… Read more »

What Makes Decomposed Granite Environmentally Superior

Decomposed granite (DG) is well-known for its many uses. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, DG is also the choice of many for being environmentally friendly. What makes decomposed granite environmentally superior compared to other aggregate materials? Decomposed granite is the perfect choice for you if you want an eco-friendly landscape.  Here’s why. 1. DG is… Read more »