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A Blessing in Decomposed Granite for Long-Lasting Wear and Beauty

Blessing Gravel owns and operates one of the nation’s most diverse granite quarries. Dating back more than 1.4 billion years, the magnificent rock in Blessing’s Quarry contains a myriad of veins—sheet-like bodies of crystallized minerals. These veins enable us to produce decomposed granite (DG) in a multitude of colors not found anywhere else in Oklahoma.

Unlike other granite sources, Blessing Gravel processes its DG using specialized equipment with precise attention to purity, consistency, quality, to-order sizing, and color uniformity. Our reputation for superior DG, decorative stone and boulders has made us the region’s first choice in ground cover materials for end-users, commercial landscapers, and landscaping suppliers.

We are also recognized for best-in-class granite aggregates for various types of construction, and for artificial turf base.

Blessing Gravel owns a fleet of trucks and special transport vehicles for reliable, on-time Transportation service.

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Steel Blue
5/8, 3/8

Mohave Boulders
Decorative granite

Granite Boulders
Various sizes and colors available

Mohave Bronze
Various sizes and colors available

Prices subject to change without notice. Stone is a product of nature. Variations do and will occur.