Granite Aggregates for the Highest Quality Construction Projects

Blessing Gravel provides granite aggregates for all kinds of road and construction applications.

Unlike other suppliers that simply dig granite and other rock out of the ground then pass it on to the buyer as-is, Blessing Gravel processes its granite aggregates to eliminate the junk rock and clayballs that can result in inferior building construction, and produce pot holes and cracks in road surfaces.

Since 2006, builders, municipal road contractors, and oil and gas road and well-site pad contractors insist on using the Blessing Quarry for its excellent granite properties:

  • Solid (grades 1,400-1,600)
  • Frost-resistant (grades 300-400)
  • Low flakiness index (4-23%)

Blessing Gravel’s granite aggregates are primarily used in:

  • Road construction for laying asphalt and concrete roads
  • Road concrete mixes, road sub-bases and road surfacing
  • Home construction and the building of industrial spaces
  • Oil and gas roads and well-site pads
Prices subject to change without notice. Stone is a product of nature. Variations do and will occur.