How to Install Artificial Turf Base

Artificial turf base is one important factor you must consider to succeed with your artificial turf installation.

Why is it important to choose the right aggregate for your turf base? Soil expands when it gets wet and contracts when it dries. Without a turf base, this expansion and contraction can result in wrinkles and a very uneven surface to your artificial grass lawn.

Artificial turf or grass lawns has seen a booming demand since the late 1990’s. From sport fields to residential and commercial landscaping, artificial turf is a popular choice for its low maintenance year-round vibrancy.

The trend continued to grow with the upsurge in environmental awareness and campaigns. Artificial turf is popular not only for its natural look and aesthetic appeal, but also for its great help with water conservation.

Decomposed Granite as Artificial Turf Base

Decomposed granite or DG is a popular turf base material. Its gravel structure breaks down easily and conforms to the ground’s structure. Compared to other materials, DG is also more permeable and can provide a smoother finish.

How to Install Artificial Turf Base

Follow these basic steps to ensure a stable and perfect base for your artificial turf.

  1. Remove any grass, sod, tree roots, mulch, rocks and any debris and any “non compactable” soils – to a depth of approximately 3-4 inches
  2. Install any curbing, edging, or other border materials
  3. Install a weed barrier fabric. This is to protect your turf from weeds that can cause disfiguration.
  4. Spread a 3” lift of Blessing’s Artificial Base material, made from completely natural decomposed granite.
  5. Grade the base as smoothly as possible. Your base should not have any bumps or holes.
  6. Dampen the dry base surface with water– lightly mist it– to ensure the base is smooth, yet solid when walked upon.
  7. Compact the entire surface until smooth and at the desired height.

You can start installing your artificial turf once you’re done with the steps above.

The preparation of the base is one of the most important steps in the installation of artificial turf. It all starts with choosing the perfect base material. Blessing Gravel’s Artificial Base is made from environmentally superior decomposed granite. It provides your lawn a stable, permeable, smooth and perfect artificial turf base. Contact us now for more details and get a quote!