Decomposed Gravel Is Unparalleled Ground Cover for Xeriscape Gardens

As more and more states experience water shortages and mandated water usage for exterior applications, more and more commercial landscapers and DIYs turn to Xeriscaping for maximum water conservation. In many areas, Xeriscaping can reduce the need for water by 60 percent or more.

Xeriscape gardens are especially ideal for drought-resistant and native plants, and can also save time and money on future maintenance. That’s because the decomposed gravel used as Xeriscape ground cover inhibits weeds, lasts longer and provides nutrients to soil and plants. What’s more, it’s surprisingly inexpensive.

Advantages of Xeriscaping

  • Uses the least amount of water possible
  • Reduces the amount of fertilizers and pesticides used
  • Helps drain landscapes quickly while storing water at the same time
  • Ultra-low maintenance
  • Less expensive than rolls of sod and green shrubbery
  • Provides a natural habitat for local wildlife
  • Enables many non-desert states to enjoy succulents and other desert plants as opposed to water-thirsty annuals or perennials

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