4 Ways to Use Decomposed Granite in Landscapes

Decomposed granite (DG), a natural byproduct of the weathering of granite rocks, is an excellent aggregate material for landscapes. DG is natural, permeable, aesthetically versatile and relatively inexpensive, making it an ideal landscaping material.

There are three types of decomposed granite with different uses. For landscaping, natural DG and stabilized DG are the best options.

Here are 4 ways you can use decomposed granite in landscapes:


When used to build patios, DG is typically compacted to produce a hard, stable surface. The process is usually simpler and faster compared to other hardscape materials like concrete and pavers. Stabilized DG is the best type of decomposed granite to use for patios.


A decomposed granite pathway gives a yard a more natural, rustic look, and a more welcoming appeal overall. Decomposed granite for pathways is not difficult to install, so it’s an uncomplicated project even DIY enthusiasts can enjoy.

Since it’s permeable, decomposed granite reduces water runoff and provides good drainage. For a “path of gold”-like walkway, Canyon Gold is the best option.

Garden Bed

Decomposed granite is a great material for garden beds, especially if you want a low maintenance, eco-friendly garden. Completely natural decomposed granite is free from harmful chemicals and additives that could harm plants. DG handles water extremely well and promotes water conservation.

DG is available in a wide variety of colors: hues of gold, rose, variations of pink, steel blue, and many more. You can choose any color to perfectly complement the structural element of the house or building involved in your project.

Artificial Turf Base

To have a successful artificial turf installation, you’ll need the right base material. The gravel structure of decomposed granite breaks down easily to conform to the ground’s structure, making it a great base for artificial turfs. Decomposed granite is also relatively easy to install. Follow these 7 steps to install artificial turf base.

Decomposed granite is well known for its many uses. Aside from landscaping, you can also use DG for sports surfaces, driveways, walkways and as non-organic mulch.

At Blessing Gravel, we have completely natural decomposed granite for your landscape and other projects. You can choose from our wide variety of decomposed granite available in different sizes and colors. Get in touch for more details! Contact us or get a quote.