Decomposed Granite for Construction Projects

Decomposed granite, a natural byproduct of granite weathering, is well known for its many uses. With its versatility and stability, this granite aggregate is used in many construction projects. From residential and industrial buildings to road construction, there are various ways you can use decomposed granite.

Decomposed Granite for Residential and Industrial Construction

Decomposed granite (DG) is often used as a raw material or combined with other aggregates for construction including houses, apartments, commercial spaces, and public buildings.

Aside from residential and industrial construction materials, you can also use decomposed granite as a landscape aggregate. There are 4 ways to use decomposed granite in landscapes.

Decomposed granite provides buildings with volume, stability, resistance to wear, and natural yet aesthetic, appeal.

For a good end result, aggregates should be free of any inferior materials or harmful chemicals. Completely natural decomposed granite is an ideal material for many construction projects.

Decomposed Granite for Road Construction

DG is more stable and settles better than other gravel materials. Some construction professionals mix DG with stabilizers, an organic non-toxic substance to increase strength and stability.

Decomposed granite can be used as a base material for highways, walkways, airport runways, railroads and parking lots. Since DG is very permeable, it can also aid in water filtration. Decomposed granite lessens water runoff and provides good drainage.

Decomposed granite can also be mixed with other aggregate materials to create a stronger concrete for road surfacing. Not only does decomposed granite give off simplistic and rustic aesthetics, it also supports heavy traffic loads well.

Where to Buy DG for Construction

Blessing Gravel provides granite aggregates for all kinds of road and construction applications. Our completely natural granite aggregates undergo a process to eliminate junk rocks and clayballs that can result in inferior building or road construction.

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