Our Story

Our Story

Blessing Gravel, LLC, is a God-given blessing that began in 2006. What started out small, God has grown and increased faithfully. Faith, family values and dedicated service is the basis we use to provide our customers the quality products and services they expect.

Blessing Gravel, LLC specializes in high quality, unique, natural, decomposed granite that can be purchased on-site. Our materials are used in a diverse range of applications with aesthetics, function and environmental friendliness serve as the foundation of all of our products. We challenge ourselves to go above and beyond acceptable standards to ensure outstanding quality and service. One of the ways we accomplish this is by processing our materials--removing any undesirables. This extra measure allows us to provide consistency and quality rarely found in the market at large.

John 3:16
Jeremiah 29:11-13

How Much Gravel Do I Need?

NOTE: Several factors influence the exact amounts needed for your particular job. Contact a Blessing Gravel Representative for more exact product estimates.


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