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Steel Blue

Steel Blue Granite Gravel

A strikingly beautiful, unique dark steel blue granite gravel. Advance order required. 1 1/2 5/8 3/8

Select Pink Granite Gravel

Pink Granite Gravel

This fine, decomposed pink granite gravel is rich in color and environmentally safe. Use Select Pink for projects that require a more consistent texture and a pop of color.  

Pink Granite Gravel

Pink Granite Decorative Gravel

Our Pink granite gravel is great for public service projects or any other project that requires a beautiful red-toned gravel.

Mohave Bronze Granite Gravel

Mohave Bronze Granite Gravel

This decorative mohave bronze granite gravel catches the eye and accentuates great landscaping. Pair it with your favorite shrubs or trees to create a polished and beautiful look.

Canyon Gold Granite Gravel

Canyon gold granite gravel

Blessing Gravel provide Canyon gold granite gravel with variety of sizes and colors in our landscaping products with unmatched quality and service. Canyon Gold: 1 1/2 5/8 3/8