Decomposed Granite: What Makes It High-Quality

Granite has been mined and used for different applications for thousands of years. It has been found in ancient buildings, walls, floorings, sculptures and more. Granite is also a popular material for modern indoor furnishings such as tables and countertops.

With decomposed granite (DG), you can now use granite for outdoor and structural applications as well. DG is a high-quality aggregate commonly used in landscaping and construction projects.

Here are three features which make decomposed granite a high-quality aggregate.

1. Decomposed Granite is Natural

Decomposed granite is formed from the natural weathering of granite due to wind, rain and temperature inconsistencies over time. Completely natural DG is free from harmful chemicals and additives.

Decomposed granite is composed of different minerals — feldspar, quartz and mica. The chemical reactions of these minerals give decomposed granite color variations — rose pink, steel blue, hues of gold and many more.

2. Decomposed Granite is Stable

Despite the “decomposed” undertone, DG is still considered a strong granite. Since it’s a byproduct of natural granite rocks, DG is harder and more durable than other aggregates like marble and other crushed stones.

Decomposed granite can support heavy traffic loads, making it ideal for pathway and road construction projects. If compacted well, DG provides a firm and stable surface that is perfect for patios, play areas and garden landscapes.

3. Decomposed Granite is Permeable

Decomposed granite handles water extremely well. You can use DG as a xeriscape aggregate. It slows down evaporation and promotes water conservation, a perfect soil amendment for drought-tolerant plants.

DG is a loose aggregate which provides excellent drainage for different applications. It helps cool down the surface temperature of driveways, walkways and play areas.


Decomposed granite is an aesthetically appealing aggregate for landscapes. With its stability and durability, it is also widely used in road and building constructions. DG does not decay, lasts for a long time and is low-maintenance.

There are three types of decomposed granite to choose from — natural, stabilized and resin-coated. DG is available in various colors and sizes which cater to specific project needs.

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