Decomposed Granite Uses: Landscapes, Sport Surfaces and More

Decomposed Granite also called DG, is formed from the natural weathering and erosion of solid granite rocks. With a variety of color to choose from– hues of gold, rose, variations of pink, steel blue, and many more, DG is aesthetically appealing and a popular surfacing material for landscapes, sport surfaces, driveways, patios and so much more.

Unlike other aggregates, DG provides a more natural appearance for both hardscapes and softscapes. It is also less expensive compared to other materials like concrete.

Uses of Decomposed Granite

With its natural look and relatively low cost, DG is used in a lot of landscaping projects. You can probably see decomposed granite everyday. Here are some ways to use decomposed granite.


The natural rustic look of decomposed granite makes it a popular choice for many landscaping projects. As mentioned, DG is one of the most affordable choice for paving patios and gardens compared to other materials.

DG is also commonly used in xeriscapes or drought-tolerant landscapes. Decomposed granite reduces water runoff and provides good drainage. It creates a smooth surface, providing your patio or garden an inviting atmosphere for gathering with friends or loved ones.

Decomposed granite also makes a good accent to water features. It is often used as filler material for fountains and around swimming pools. DG, with its variety of color provides water features with additional attractive appeal.

Sport Surfaces

Decomposed granite is also an excellent material for sport surfaces like baseball fields or running tracks. When mixed with other natural aggregates, DG creates a surface that is safe and comfortable to play on.

Mixtures for sport surfaces like Blessing Special Blend and Blessing Special Blend Pro require minimal maintenance and are very permeable, meaning they handle water extremely well. Decomposed granite settles well and the wind doesn’t scatter it. Since DG is also environmentally friendly, it won’t harm the grass borders of the field.

Driveways and Walkways

Decomposed granite is commonly used in driveways and walkways since it provides a natural look that many look for. The colors of DG complement well with the structural elements of houses or buildings.The most popular choice in color is gold, which is perfect if you want the “path of gold” look.

DG provides driveways and walkways a cooler surface temperature. Once decomposed granite is compacted well, it will create a firm and flat surface needed for pathways.

Non-Organic Mulch

Decomposed granite is also used as non-organic mulch or sometimes called “top dressing” for xeriscapes. DG helps cover and cool down the soil. Cooler soil temperature improves the growth of plants especially during the summer.

Water evaporates slower in surfaces covered with inorganic mulch like DG, which can help in water conservation. Since decomposed granite reduces water runoff, it also helps water to penetrate the soil more efficiently.

Where to Buy Decomposed Granite

Blessing Gravel is a source of completely natural decomposed granite. Our DG is available in a variety of colors and sizes, offering you a wide selection to choose from. We also offer boulders, decorative stones and other aggregates for your landscaping and other industry needs.

At Blessing Gravel, we take pride in our environmentally friendly aggregate materials. Get in touch for more details! Call us, send an email or visit our site. You are always welcome.